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Home Inspection Certification

Home Inspector Certification & Prices


Carson Dunlop Home Inspector Training Program

This program sets the standard for Home Inspectors. It is a thorough, detailed, online course that covers all the systems in a home. 

Red Seal Licensed Carpenter

Journeyman carpenter. This is Canada's national license. For over 10 years, I worked in residential construction as a general contractor and professional handyman. I have extensive experience with various trades, and managed many successful projects over $100 000. 

In School Training

1 year program at Fleming College in Peterborough. Hands-on and in class training in plumbing, electrical, masonry, blueprint reading, & carpentry. 

CAHPI National Certificate Holder

The Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors is Canada's most prominent Inspector Organization. To become a member one must pass the National Home Inspector Exam, be mentored by an experienced inspector, and take ongoing continuing education.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should you expect during your home inspection?
    - A 2-3 hour walkthrough and assessment of the property with your Home Inspector - We look for deficiencies and let you know how the home is performing - Get useful and relevant details on how the house was constructed - Let your inspector know of any specific concerns you may have, or renovations you may be planning - We look for major issues, and will let you know about minor issues when we see them - A discussion at the end of the inspection reviewing the major findings - We take a lot of photos during the inspection for you to view in your report that you will receive in 24 hours or less - Please ask lots of questions!
  • What type of homes do we inspect?
    60s/70s era homes Wartime homes Heritage homes Cottages Log homes Recently renovated homes New homes Condos Semi detached Homes in disrepair
  • What is a home inspection, anyway?"
    The Standards Council of Canada (CSA Group) define it as... ​"A home inspection is intended to be a non-invasive evaluation of the condition and performance of systems and components of a home. The primary objective is to identify and report any items that do not perform their intended function. The focus of a home inspection is typically on significant issues that are readily visible to the inspector as opposed to minor building deficiencies. Inspection of cosmetic, maintenance, and other non-critical items are typically not part of a home inspection. Home inspections in accordance with this Standard are not intended to verify a home’s compliance to codes and regulations (e.g., building codes)." CAHPI Standards of practice

$475 base price for houses under 2500 sq ft. 
For multi units (Duplex, Triplexes) Add $100 per unit

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